About Us

Our Mission


To help improve medical services by allowing our users to tell us their experiences with Providers, share about the best Providers, and suggest improvements that help Providers become even better.


To provide a comprehensive database for medical professionals, healthcare centres, and medical aids.


To link you to the best medical professional, healthcare provider and medical aid provider.


Who are we?

We are a team of medical consultants and healthcare-related webmasters with service-related experience in the medical field. We are an authority on the provision of healthcare services, development, and design of healthcare delivery. Our team has extensive experience in the medical field, web and graphic design, and content management fields.

Why we started

We can find information about any product online, read out about it, make comparisons and then make an informed decision before we buy it, though not so (or to a limited extent) with medical services. We realised that people are keen to know more about the medical providers before they make the visit (or the commitment), but have very few opportunities to do that.

What we do for our users

We ultimately want you to get better. We want you to get the best care. We equip you with all the information you need about the provider. When you pick your Provider of choice, we would have made sure that you make an informed decision.

Our Service


… for the healthcare professional and healthcare service provider nearest to your chosen location, or best rated and recommended by users and other medical professionals. We provide credible and accurate information with only a few clicks.


… the best Provider tailor-made for you from your electronic device of choice. The detailed information on the Provider will help you make the best quality decision for your health. We want you to get better, we want the best care for you.


… the quality of your recent interaction with the Provider. Help other users to connect with the best Provider. Help the healthcare improve or even outdo their services. We provide a key to unlocking the best potential of the Provider.